Farm Visit

  • Patale Gaun Organic Farm : Patalegaun, 35 km far from Kathmandu, a village with 300
    households is located in Kavre district of Nepal. Out of 300 households, 100 households are
    directly involved in agriculture as occupation. And out of those 100 households, 15 households
    are practicing organic farming.
    Farm Visit : Tour begins from Kathmandu drive to Patale Gaun Organic Farm . During the trip,
    we will connect on food system and over delicious food made farm-fresh and grown by our
    hosts. Entire farm visit will include interaction with farmers and entrepreneurs.
    Farm Supervisor: Dinesh Pyakurel
  • Interact with the team at Green Growth regarding their experience in organizing urban
    demand by Crowd Farming
  • Learn the local Farming technique and knowledge sharing
  • Observing local Organic farming

To visit please click here